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 We sell and service both vertical and cantilever-style boat lifts, as well as canopies and lift motors. Minimize


A boat lift will get your boat up out of the water when its not in use to protect it from wave action and/or alge.

Vertical lifts, such as our Floe lifts, lift your boat up vertically and typically have the greatest amount of lift. They're generally better at getting your boat completely out of the water (and under a canopy) for maximum protection



Cantilevered lifts, such as our Classic lifts, are especially popular for pontoon boats and PWCs.

A word of caution:  When selecting a lift, be sure you include not only the weight of the boat and motor, but also include an allowance for the weight of the people who may get in the boat when it is on the lift. Overloading a lift can cause damage and pose a safety risk as well.





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